1. Book of Prophecy (4 volumes)
  2. Drake Castle's Water
  3. Guidelines for Seru Trapping
  4. Iny's "Legends of Sol" (8 volumes)
  5. Keem's "History of Sol" (10 volumes)
  6. King Drake's Letter
  7. Kooch's "Topography of Sol" (3 volumes)
  8. Mary's Diary
  9. Maya's Unfinished Letter
  10. Nayko's "The Prince" (25 volumes)
  11. Tornay's "Legaian Animal Life" (3 volumes)
  12. Naba's "Theory of War" (5 volumes)
  13. Official Guide to Sightseeing in Karisto
  14. Official Guide to Sightseeing in Sebucus
  15. Piece of Paper
  16. Slightly Soiled Diary
  17. The Geography of Drake Kingdom
  18. Van Saryu's Letter
  19. Zalan's Letter
  20. Zono's "City Planning" (2 volumes)

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