As it is written here, the Legaia Wiki is a Wiki dedicated to collecting information about the Legaia series, from elements of storyline to gameplay, as its goal is to create a comprehensive and informative wiki on the subject of Legaia. As such, spoilers are a necessity. Courteous to our users however, we warn users. Our policy is:

  1. Mainspace articles, being filled with spoilers, will be tagged as a courtesy to other editors. As such, anything considered spoilers should NOT be removed, but rather placed under the {{Spoilers}}

and above the {{Endspoiler}}


  1. Forums will not be marked with spoiler tags. People will discuss what they want and it's not for an editor to police it. If you do not want to be spoiled, we advise you tread carefully.
  2. Userpage content is largely at the discretion of the user. Each editor decides if they will put spoiler tags in their pages. This also applies to each individual talk bubbles and walkthroughs. However, we ask users to respect users who prefer things to be revealed to them when they were originally intended to.

What defines a spoiler may vary from one user to another. The definition the wiki uses is anything after the initial encounter that progresses the story. This means all story information obvious from the first visit of the character does not spoil the story. Everything from then on is a spoiler.

But spoilers appear outside Story sections, such as points in Trivia. While the Legaia Wiki makes an attempt to shield anything that may ruin the experience for the user, an occasional unflagged spoiler will be present in articles, and therefore we ask you navigate this Wiki at your own risk.

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