King Drake's Letter
Location Drake Castle

King Drake wrote this letter before putting on a Seru and locking himself behind a fortified cage in anticipation of the oncoming Mist. He had a feeling that someone would be able to save them one day and wrote this letter in order to help the traveler.

To the human traveler that finds this.Edit

I am King Drake III, King of Drake. I know not who will read this letter. But anyone who makes it through the Mist must have powers greater than the Mist. No doubt you have seen the Seru monsters in this castle's dungeons. Those monsters are in fact my dear retainers and the people of my kingdom. When the Mist approached we tried many ways to drive it back. We even prayed at the Genesis Tree of Mt. Rikuroa to the north. Legend says the tree has the power to save the human race. In the end we decided to lock ourselves in the dungeon and wear Seru, surrendering to the Mist. As Seru monsters, we should survive on Drake water until the day the Mist goes away. We locked ourselves in the dungeon so the Seru madness would not force us to harm anyone. So, traveler, I ask you to drive away the Mist, as we were powerless to do so. You are our only hope for the future -- the hope that sustains us.

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