Kemaro x 2
ケマロ, Kemaro
Kemaro x2 boss
Elemental affinities
Fire element button Wind element button Light element button Thunder element button
- Weak - -
Water element button Earth element button Dark element button None
- Strong - -
1,400 ea. 120 ea. 171 ea.
339 ea. 270 ea. 268 ea.
182 ea. 100 ea.
1,350 800
Location Ratayu
Steal Swift Water (5% chance)
Item Drop Healing Berry (10% chance)
Abilities Bite
Immune to None

Kemaro (ケマロ) x 2 are mini-bosses in Legend of Legaia.

The two Kemaro are fought by Vahn and Gala as they race to Ratayu's underground palace in an attempt to rescue Noa from certain doom at the hands of Saryu.


The Kemaro will be encountered as regular enemies later on and are not too much trouble then. However, at this point they are very hard-hitting opponents. The Kemaro will usually be faster than Vahn and always faster than Gala, They will attack with physical combos that include Bite, which can do 230+ damage in total. If both Kemaro attack the same character, it can mean over 500 damage inflicted per round.

The Kemaro can be absorbed and are highly useful for the next areas, so Vahn and Gala should each come in to this battle with an Ivory Book equipped. Defender Chains are also helpful for this encounter.

Vahn and Gala should Spirit on the first turn to maximize their Arts bars as well as boost their defense for the oncoming Kemaro attack. The following turn, both Vahn and Gala should focus their most powerful Hyper Art combos on the same Kemaro. Gala should kill the Kemaro on his turn. The following turn, have Vahn attack with a Hyper Art combo and Gala heal them with Orb.

Try and let Vahn get the killing blow on one or both Kemaro, as he is best with Earth element summons.

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