Karisto Kingdom (カリスト皇国, Karisuto Koukoku, lit. "Chalist Empire") is a location in Legend of Legaia. It is the most populous continent of Legaia and the cradle of civilization - the birthplace of all Seru. Although called Karisto Kingdom the continent holds two rival nations - Sol and Conkram.



CGI of Karisto Kingdom

Karisto has a total of four Genesis Trees - one in Sol and three in Buma. Karisto Kingdom holds the most ancient history of all the continents and is also the most technologically advanced and populated. Karisto is connected with the rest of Legaia by the flying trains of Octam, which travel across the sea toward Karisto Station in the southwest of the continent.

The largest city in all of Legaia, Sol, is known as the entertainment capital of the world due to its many facilities, diners, cafes, fighting arenas, amusement parks, and observatory. It is a single tower built by Seru which is so great in height that the Mist only reaches midway up the tower.

Tucked into East Karisto Ravine, the town of Buma is famous for its Genesis Trees and its lively streets that float on top of a body of water. The beauty of the three cliffside Genesis Trees paints a picture of awe-inspiring majesty. Houses lining the river have also helped make Buma famous the world over for its quaint appeal.

North of Buma is the world-famous Nivora Ravine, a considerably chilly area because the ravine naturally accumulates cold air. A large limestone cave leads into the ravine, which was famous for its beauty.

Located in northwest Karisto lies the ancient ruins of Uru Mais. It is unknown how or why Uru Mais was built, but the ruins are under the jurisdiction of Sol due to the new Seru that occasionaly appear out of thin air within the area. Seru Trappers are regularly sent from Sol to obtain the new Seru for research and practical use.

Farther north lies the sacred Mt. Dhini, where the Soren, a tribe of humans wearing flying Seru, obtain their Seru Wings and practice their other sacred rituals. The entrance to the mountain is blocked by a massive wall and large magical stones known as Birdman Gate, which will only open to those who show the mark of a Soren. As such, visitors are prohibited.

The northernmost region of Karisto holds the nation of Conkram, a highly wealthy and aristocratic place in comparison to other cities. Before the age of Mist there was a mountain pass that led to Conkram, but it disappeared for unknown reasons.


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