ジッツ, Jittsu
Jette front
Elemental affinities
Fire element button Wind element button Light element button Thunder element button
- - Weak -
Water element button Earth element button Dark element button None
- - Strong -
34,567 1,000 222
360 287 250
274 198
12,750 10,000
Location Jette's Absolute Fortress
Steal Wisdom Water (30% chance)
Item Drop Miracle Water (40% chance)
Abilities Clone
Multi-hit physical combo
Shadow Break
Immune to Annihilation, Confusion

Jette (ジッツ, Jittsu) is Cort's right-hand man and a boss in Legend of Legaia.

Jette is fought within the control room inside the Absolute Fortress after he appears from a cloud of smoke and reverses the lever that would let the Ra-Seru heroes reach the Mist Generator. After reading their minds and discovering that they are the heroes from past Conkram, Jette equips his Sim-Seru and attacks.


Shadow break 5

Shadow Break

Jette has a variety of attacks and abilities that make fighting him quite a nasty endeavor. His physical attacks alternate between 7-hit and 8-hit physical combos, and if all hits connect the damage count can reach over 1,800.

Not only that, but Spiriting does not reduce damage from his strikes. Jette likes to use his Clone ability at random, which creates a copy of himself. Luckily the clone is pitifully weak, but it costs a whole turn just to get rid of it and often a powerful Art combo can be wasted on the fake Jette instead of the real one. There is a sign that shows the real Jette. First,the real Jette attack 7-8 physical hits, while the fake Jette attacks with 1-3 physical hits. Second, the fake Jette hits extremely weak while the real Jette can reach thousand damage (when all physical hits connect). Additionally, the Clone cannot use Jette's multi-target attack. Jette can use up to twice "Clone" throughout the battle.

Jette's multi-target attack is called Shadow Break and it hits everybody for a hefty amount (1,100+) of Dark element damage. Jette does not need a charge attack to do this, so it is imperative that everyone's HP is high at all times.

Both magic attacks and physical attacks work equally well against Jette, so pound away with Hyper ArtsSuper Arts and Miracle Arts with two people while desginating one person as the spell caster. Unfortunately, Jette can block/dodge entire combos due to his annoyingly high defense, with his body temporarily shattering while doing so.

While fighting Jette, it is a good idea to equip everybody with an Ebony Jewel if three are available - otherwise it is best to stick it on Noa due to her lower HP and she'll need the extra defense. Equip a character with a speed chain, preferably Vahn or Gala and have someone heal whenever a party member's HP gets to be around 1,000. The Defender Chain is also a good choice of accessory in order to block Jette's string of combos, while the Target Chain is useful in order to actually hit him (since he has a very high defense rate).

Due to the game's dropping system, the player can only get 1 Miracle Water from Jette, regardless if this boss uses up to twice his "Clone" technique.


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