Script ジェレミ
Romaji Jeremi
Alternate Geremi[1]
Location Southern Sebucus Islands
Establishment Unknown
Population {{{population}}}
Notable Events Mist
Current Status Active

Jeremi is a beautiful town situated between large mountains in the south of the Sebucus Islands. The town is famous for its Genesis Tree on top of the large tower in the center of town called the Sky Garden. Once a popular tourist destination it fell into chaos when the Mist engulfed it 10 years before the Ra-Seru heroes set off on their adventure.

Jeremi was a very famous town in Sebucus due to its maginificent tower, which held its famous Sky Gardens complete with a Genesis Tree. It was a popular tourist destination and a rapid elevator was even built for quick, convenient access to the top of the tower.


The Ra-Seru heroes enter Jeremi after traveling from the Ancient Wind Cave that connects the Sebucus Islands with Drake Kingdom. Upon entering Jeremi the Ra-Seru detect the presence of a Genesis Tree on top of the town's tower. The heroes fight their way to the top floor by floor using the side elevators due to the rapid elevator being out of commission.

The heroes arrive at the top of the tower and make their way through a large hedge maze until they come across a large Seru chomping on the shaft of the Genesis Tree. Noa tries to pry the Seru off of the tree but is repelled and the Seru lumbers around to face the trio.

After a grueling battle the heroes defeat the monster and revive the Genesis Tree. Some humans who were previously Seru monsters rush to the top of the tower and upon hearing that the trio were the ones who revived the Genesis Tree they urge them to go downstairs to meet the rest of the townspeople. The heroes meet the mayor of Jeremi who congratulates them on their miraculous deed. Once they walk to the main hall they are swarmed with townsfolk who wish to express their thanks.

After a free night's stay at the town's inn the trio meet a jeweler named Zalan who asks them to deliver a letter to his wife Yuma and son Pepe in Vidna, who were both trapped there once the Mist appeared. The heroes deliver the letter to Pepe in Vidna, learning that Yuna succumbed to illness a few years before. Pepe gives the trio Yuma's ring to deliever back to Zalan and once that is done Zalan rewards you with the item 'Zalan's Crown'.

The Ra-Seru heroes travel back to Jeremi after visiting the shrine in Mist-filled Octam. They find out that the key to the secret path in the Gate of Shadows is called the Star Pearl and upon learning from a shifty woman named Cara that she sold it to Zalan they return to inquire about the item. Zalan gives it to the heroes for free due to having no use for it.

Once the Sebucus Islands are free of Mist, Pepe returns to Jeremi and reunites with his father.



Optional ExtrasEdit

Zalan's jewelry shop in Jeremi is undoubtedly the most important area for completing sidequests. Giving Zalan certain Ra-Seru eggs or other types of jewels will enable him to make different Talismans out of them free of charge. These Talismans when equipped provide elemental protection, and more importantly, give the ability to summon hidden Ra-Seru.

Items To Give To Zalan

Name Effect Location
Earth Egg Protects against Earth attacks B: Muscle Dome (100,000 Coins)
Water Egg Protects against Water attacks Buma Fishing Spot (20,000 points)
Light Egg (story item) Protects against Light attacks Given by Cara after reviving Buma's Genesis Trees
Dark Stone Protects against Dark attacks West Voz Forest (after defeating Songi in Seru-Kai)
Certain story requirements must be met to receive eggs.

Items Zalan Makes:

Name Effect
Earth Talisman Allows wearer to summon Palma, protects against Earth attacks
Water Talisman Allows wearer to summon Mule, protects against Water attacks
Light Talisman Allows wearer to summon Horn, protects against Light attacks
Dark Talisman Allows wearer to summon Jedo (Songi 's Ra-Seru), protects against Dark attacks



  • Jeremi can be temporarily skipped. Due to the boss difficulty of the Berserker in Jeremi many opt to first travel to Vidna to rest, buy armor and accessories and buy items since the Mist has not taken over the town.


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