エッジ・オブ・インフェルノ, Ejji・Obu・Inferuno
(Edge of Inferno)
Inferno 13
Element Fire element button
MP Cost 240
Target(s) All
Lv. 3 Effect Lv. 5 Effect
Damage Damage
Lv. 7 Effect Lv. 9 Effect
Damage Damage

Inferno (エッジ・オブ・インフェルノ, Ejji・Obu・Inferuno, lit. "Edge of Inferno") is a summon spell in Legend of Legaia. It is used by Vahn's Ra-Seru, Meta.


At the beginning of Inferno, a red sword falls out of the sky and strikes the earth before the true form of Meta appears next to it. As the environment becomes surrounded in pillars of flame, Meta takes the sword in his hand and charges up fiery energy in his shoulder as he lifts the blade overhead. Then, Meta slashes downward, cutting through the enemies on the field before a pillar of flame erupts from the floor beneath and burns the enemies to a crisp.


  • In order to use this spell, Vahn must have learned all Art moves in his repertoire, including his Miracle Art. Then, after defeating Songi in the Seru-kai, return to Sol Tower and press X in front of the Genesis Tree. Hari of the Future will speak to Vahn and give him his power, causing Meta to level up to Lv9 and granting the ability to use Inferno