Hyper Wave
覇皇邪遠殺波, ハオウジャエンサツパ
Haou Jaen Satsupa
Hyper wave
Basic Info
User(s) Songi
Element Dark element button
Effect Damage
Target Single

Hyper Wave (覇皇邪遠殺波, ハオウジャエンサツパ, Haou Jaen Satsupa, lit. "Supreme Emperor Evil Killing Wave From Afar") is a technique performed by Songi while in his base form.


Hyper Wave is Songi's special attack that he uses while fighting Gala one-on-one inside Zeto's Dungeon. To perform this attack, Songi cups his hands and draws them back to his side while concentrating his Seru's energy into a single point. Songi then thrusts his hands forward to shoot out a powerful sphere of energy.

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