Hyper Crush
覇皇地砕烈波, ハオウチサイレッパ, Haou Chisai Reppa
Hyper crush 4
Basic Info
User(s) Songi
Element Dark element button
Effect Damage
Target All

Hyper Crush (覇皇地砕烈波, ハオウチサイレッパ, Haou Chisai Reppa, lit. "Supreme Emperor Ground Crushing Wave") is a technique performed by Songi while in his first transformation.


Songi uses his deadly Hyper Crush technique without warning, meaning there is no charge technique to warn his enemies of its impending attack. In performing this technique, Songi raises his Seru-covered arm into the air and charges it with red-colored energy. Then, he thrusts his arm into the ground and unleashes red electric bolts of energy all over the field. The force of his power causes a large crater to form underneath his enemies, damaging all of them.

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