Honey (ハチミツ, Hachimitsu) is a permanent status boosting item found in Legend of Legaia. It permanently increases all of a single party member's stats by 4 points.

Item InformationEdit

Legend of LegaiaEdit

Effect Increase all stats.
Buy At N/A
Find At Rim Elm
Obtain From Bees (Legend of Legaia Boss)
Cost Free (Can be sold for 5,000G)


  • Nene will take the Honey away from your party in order to make an Elm Cake if Vahn speaks to her with it still in your inventory. Once she takes it the Bees will respawn in the tree and can be fought again to obtain the Honey once more. However, once the Honey is used on a character the Bees disappear for good and no more of it will be obtainable.

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