Holy Eyes
ホーリーアイズ, Hōrī Aizu
Holy eyes 3
Element Light element button
MP Cost 45
Target(s) Entire Party
Lv. 3 Effect Lv. 5 Effect
Cure Venom Cure Rot/Venom
Lv. 7 Effect Lv. 9 Effect
Cure Rot/Numb/Venom Recover some Status
& AP

Holy Eyes (ホーリーアイズ, Hōrī Aizu) is a summon spell in Legend of Legaia. It is used by the Light Seru, Spoon.


At the start of the summon, a pillar of light circles toward the ground as it forms the body of Spoon. Then, Spoon focuses Light energy into its central eye and unleashes brigth rays of light from every eye in its body. This light surrounds the party members and heals their HP. It can also cure status effects and restore AP depending on its level.


  • Holy Eyes is the most powerful healing spell obtained from a Light Seru, other than Resurrector. Due to its low MP cost it is the most ideal spell for healing from Karisto Kingdom to the end of the game

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