High Gomboo
ハイゴンブー, Hai Gonbū
High gomboo front
Elemental Affinities
Fire element button Wind element button Light element button Thunder element button
- Weak - -
Water element button Earth element button Dark element button None
- Strong - -
710 25 151
278 222 150
138 138
810 250
Locations Sebucus Islands
Steal Healing Berry (30% chance)
Item Drop Healing Fruit (11% chance)
Abilities Power Up, Steal

High Gomboo (ハイゴンブー, Hai Gonbū) is a monster in Legend of Legaia. It can be found wandering the barren fields of the western island in Sebucus.


High Gomboo resembles a goblin and is the strongest of its relatives, which include the Gobu Gobu and Gomboo. The High Gomboo has a sickly orange skin color and a large mouth with pointed fangs. It wears a loincloth over its midsection and large boots over its feet. It carries a strapped shield on its left forearm and a strapped blade on its right forearm, using both to attack its enemies in addition to kicks from its legs.

The High Gomboo is a sneaky creature, and will use its quick speed to pickpocket items and accessories from others with its Steal ability. At times, it will make off with the stolen item immediately after, preventing recovery of what was taken. High Gomboo will also use its Power Up ability to increase its agility, allowing it to attack with more hits during its following turns.


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