Hell's Dive
ヘルダイブ, Heru Daibu
(Hell Dive)
Hells dive 6
Element Wind element button
MP Cost 85
Target(s) Single
Lv. 3 Effect Lv. 5 Effect
Target's SPD down 5% Target's SPD down 10%
Lv. 7 Effect Lv. 9 Effect
Target's SPD down 15% Target's SPD down 20%

Hell's Dive (ヘルダイブ, Heru Daibu, lit. "Hell Dive") is a summon spell in Legend of Legaia. It is used by the Wind Seru, Barra.


At the start of the summon, a gleam of light shines in the air as Barra soars down and grasps the enemy with its talons, lifting it into the air. Then, Barra carries the enemy through the sky before flying at super speed toward the ground with the enemy still in its grasp. Right before it reaches the ground, Barra drops the enemy into the earth and flies off.

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