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The Healing Leaf (回復の葉, kaifuku no ha) is a basic recovery item found in Legend of Legaia. It is first used as a mandatory step in the battle tutorial. Healing Leafs restore a small amount of HP (200) to a selected party member.

Due to its low price and early appearance, the Healing Leaf is the central method of healing until healing spells or more potent healing items become available. The Healing Shroom has the same healing effect as the Healing Leaf but is only found in Snowdrift Cave.

In addition to the Healing Leaf, there are two superior healing items called Healing Flower and Healing Berry, which recover 800HP and maximum HP respectively. There are also the Healing Bloom and Healing Fruit recovery items, which heal all party members.

Item InformationEdit

Legend of LegaiaEdit

Healing Leaf
Effect Recovers 200HP for one party member
Obtain At Various shops (Rim Elm)
Obtain From Black Piura, Blue Piura, Gimard, Gizam, Gobu Gobu, Gomboo, Green Slime, Kabuki Rat, Killer Bison, Nighto, Nova, Ostrich, Pump Bat, Red Piura, Theeder, Twin Tomb, Vera, Wolf, Zenoir
Cost 600G

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