Guilty Cross
ブラッデイクロス, Buraddei Kurosu (Bloody Cross)
Cort guilty cross1
Basic Info
User(s) Cort
Element Dark element button
Effect Damage
Target Single

Guilty Cross (ブラッデイクロス, Buraddei Kurosu, lit. "Bloody Cross") is a technique used by Prince Cort. It is his most common form of attack.


Cort uses the Guilty Cross attack more than any other. With the point of a finger, Cort selects who he wishes to be attacked and forms a large red cross in front of him. Soon after, a cross forms underneath the enemy he wishes to attack and from the sky a bright cross falls through the enemy's head, impaling him.

Guilty Cross - Legend of Legaia00:16

Guilty Cross - Legend of Legaia

Cort's Guilty Cross attack

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