Genesis Tree
創世樹 Sousei Ju
Location Buma
East Voz Forest
Mt. Letona
Mt. Rikuroa
Rim Elm
Sol Tower
West Voz Forest
Purpose Carry Ra-Seru, Destroy Mist

Genesis Trees (創世樹, Sousei Ju) were placed on Legaia, with each housing a Ra-Seru or a Ra-Seru Egg in order to save humanity in time of need. The Genesis Trees all withered with age as time passed but look to be revived again by heroes with compassion for the suffering world.


Genesis Trees are the homes of dormant Ra-Seru. They are located in every land and posses the power, when revived, to drive the Mist from the surrounding area and keep Seru at bay. This also includes turning Seru monsters back into normal humans. Though the Genesis Trees have the power to drive away the Mist within the area once revived, long exposure to Mist in its withered state will kill a Genesis Tree if it is not revived in time.


Within the game Genesis Trees are used are used by the party and their Ra-Seru to drive the Mist from the land and free its inhabitants from the control of the Mist and Seru Monsters.


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