Frost Breath
ふぉれすとぶれす, Foresuto Buresu (Forest Breath)
Frost breath 3
Basic Info
User(s) Noa
Art Class Hyper Art
Art Blocks 4
AP Cost 40
Commands ← ← → →

Frost Breath (ふぉれすとぶれす, Foresuto Buresu, lit. "Forest Breath") is a Hyper Art attack used by Noa, learned through the Wind Book I.


Noa is unable to use this attack until she learns it from the Wind Book I, which can be found immediately in front of the Water Gate in a treasure chest after blocking the flow of the river. The power to perform this art comes from Noa's Ra-Seru, Terra, and cannot be done without her.

In performing this attack, Noa crouches low and then spins around, slamming her hands to the ground where Terra summons a large torrent of razor sharp wind to strike the enemy from underneath.

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