The Flying Seru are the rarest of all Seru and are never encountered in the wild. Flying Seru are used solely by the Soren tribe.


The Flying Seru are created during a special ceremony on top of Mt. Dhini and given to all members of the Soren tribe. Each Soren receives only one Flying Seru for the rest of his or her life. Like the others, a Flying Seru will also be driven mad if contact is made with the Mist - therefore Soren must remain at great height where the Mist cannot reach. If a Soren has committed a serious offense against Soren law, the Flying Seru will be stripped away from the Soren. It is unknown what is done with the Flying Seru after that point.



Soren Ritual of receiving Seru Wings.

The Flying Seru are used by the Soren to travel all throughout Legaia. Vahn, Noa and Gala seek the help of the Soren in order to reach the Floating Castle. With the use of the Seru Wings, the Soren are able to take the heroes to the Floating Castle and later drop them off in front of Conkram, which is unreachable by foot. 

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