Flame Crest
炎の紋章, ほむらのもんしょう
Homura no Monshou
Flame Crest 5
Summoner Lang
Element Fire element button
Lv Obtained 17
MP Cost 48
Hits {{{hits}}}
Target(s) Lang
Effect Raises ATK
"Boosts fighting spirit and attack power"
—Summon Description

Flame Crest (炎の紋章, ほむらのもんしょう, Homura no Monshou) is a summon spell in Legaia 2: Duel Saga. It is used by the Fire Origin, Galea.


At the start of the summon, Galea curls up his body and surrounds himself in an orb of fire. He then raises his arms into the air as the fire orb disappears and throws fire droplets into the sky, which rain down on a single party member, causing a boost in the party member's ATK power.

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