Final Flash
極限の閃光, きょくげんのせんこう
Kyokugen no Senkou
Final Flash 4
Summoner Lang
Element Fire element button
Lv Obtained 34
MP Cost 96
Hits 1
Target(s) All
Effect {{{effect}}}
"Powerful enough to crush an entire planet"
—Summon Description

Final Flash (極限の閃光, きょくげんのせんこう, Kyokugen no Senkou, lit. "Ultimate Flash") is a summon spell in Legaia 2: Duel Saga. It is used by the Fire Origin, Galea.


At the start of the summon, Galea soars high into the air until escaping the planet's atmosphere. Then, while still in space, Galea surrounds itself in an orb of fire before racing back down to earth and crashing into all targets on the field, creating a big explosion in the process.

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