Evil Medallion (魔神の封印, majin no fuuin, lit. Devil's Seal) is an accessory in Legend of Legaia. It causes the wearer to attack a random enemy with nothing but Arts between 0 (meaning that sometimes the character won't attack at all) and 15 times in a row while taking no AP to do so.

While under the effects of the Evil Medallion, the wearer:

  • Becomes uncontrollable in battle and cannot use summons, Spirit or items.
  • Will only randomly execute basic Arts (never Super, Hyper or Miracle Arts).

Accessory InformationEdit

Legend of LegaiaEdit

Evil Medallion
Description Rage
Effect Unpredictable Behavior.
Obtain From dropped from Lapis (100% chance) in Mt. Dhini, steal from the final boss Seru Cort (100% chance) in Bio Castle.
Cost Free


  • Equipping both Evil Medallion and War God Icon can result in a deadly, but unpredictable combination; should the character attack with 15 arts, the War God Icon will double it, resulting in 30 consecutive Arts.