ドプリン, Dopurin
Doplin infobox
Alt. names Lord Doplin
Origin {{{origin}}}
Race Human
Faction Evil
Occupation Bishop, Ruler of Legaia
Hometown Presumably Darakin Citadel
Relationships Avalon (Leader)
Balken (Knight)
Bubba (Servant}
Elliott (Foster-son)
Marienne (Foster-daughter)
Raynof (Knight)
Velna (Ally)
Voice Actor (JP) Yūichi Nagashima
Voice Actor (US) {{{voice2}}}

Bishop Doplin (ドプリン法王, Dopurin Hōō, lit. "Pope Doplin") is an antagonist in Legaia 2: Duel Saga. He is the ruler of Darakin Citadel and therefore ruler of the entire Legaia continent. Doplin believes that he has been chosen by God to rule the world and joins Avalon as a means of attaining more power.


Simply put, Doplin is a manipulative, despicable, obnoxious, selfish, pitiless, and cruel man with godlike complex. He cares little to both Marianne and Elliott, seeing them as disposable pawns for getting what he wanted. Indeed, his people both loathed him for his corruption and miserable life he put them throughout that they rejoiced upon hearing his death. When Pyrolith-empowered Slogar began to mutate due to overwhelmed by its powers and have him on its mercy however, Doplin displayed a pathetic and cowardly side upon situations that beyond his control.

All in all, Doplin is both pathetic and pure evil person who only cared for himself, so much that Maya expressed her disbelief upon seeing his true color.