The Door of Light (光の扉, Hikari no Tobira) is a transportation item found in Legend of Legaia. It allows your party to instantly escape a dungeon by teleporting them to the outside entrance of that dungeon. It cannot be used to escape safe locations such as towns.

Item InformationEdit

Legend of LegaiaEdit

Door of Light
Effect Teleport out of dungeons.
Buy At Rim Elm, Drake Castle, Hunter's Spring, Biron Monastery, Ancient Wind Cave, Jeremi, Vidna, Octam (Underground), Ratayu, Octam, Sol Tower, Buma, Karisto Station, Soren Camp, Conkram (Past)
Find At Drake Castle, West Voz Forest, Zeto's Dungeon, Ancient Wind Cave, Fire Path
Obtain From
Cost 200G

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