ドゥームズ・デイ, Doūmuzu・Dei
Doomsday 6
Basic Info
User(s) Cort
Element Dark element button
Effect Damage
Target All

Doomsday (ドゥームズ・デイ, Doūmuzu・Dei) is a technique performed by Cort after he has fused with Juggernaut.


Doomsday is used without warning and is incredibly damaging, as such it is arguably Cort's most deadly attack. In performing this technique, Cort raises his hands in the air to use his power. Then, a view of space is seen as a large planet comes crashing into view. Soon it is seen that the planet is about to collide with the planet of Legaia. As the foreign planet hits Legaia, a massive explosion consumes the screen and hits all of Cort's enemies.

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