Dohati's Castle Front Closeup

Entrance to Dohati's Castle

Dohati's Castle (ドハティの海王城, Dohati no Kaiou Jou, lit. "Dohati's Ocean Castle" alt. "The Oceanfort of Dohatey") is a location in Legend of Legaia. It is situated on an island in the Western sea and holds the Mist Generator that spreads Mist throughout the Sebucus Islands. The castle's lord is Dohati, the former Secretary of Interior in the kingdom of Conkram.


Vahn, Noa and Gala reach Dohati's Castle after defeating Saryu and destroying the Sim-Seru controlling his mind, enabling Saryu to give them the key to the Western Island where Dohati's Castle was located. After traveling a long stretch of land they finally reach Dohati's Castle and battle their way toward the Mist Generator at the very top.

Dohati meets the Ra-Seru heroes in front of the Mist Generator in the same fashion as Zeto did previously. Morphing into a mix between a giant bird and a frog, he attacks them. Dohati is defeated by the Ra-Seru heroes and shatters in the same manner as Zeto, allowing Meta, Terra and Ozma to enter the Mist Generator and destroy it with their powers.


Is that a Ra-Seru?

After the Mist Generator crumbles into pieces, a strange thing that looks much like a Ra-Seru rises out of the rubble. Meta, Terra and Ozma communicate with the strange Ra-Seru-like object for a short while before it bursts and disintegrates. Gala inquires whether or not that thing was a Ra-Seru, but the Ra-Seru only tell them that it is something they will tell them later but cannot discuss at that point in time. Trusting that they will reveal who they were talking to, Vahn, Noa and Gala rush outside and return to Ratayu to speak with Saryu once more.


LIke Zeto's Dungeon, Dohati's Castle is the most technologically advanced structure within its continent. There are various tunnels surrounded in plate glass that connect separate areas. And although there are no elevators, various escalators are found throughout the castle. The most notable difference between Dohati's Castle and Zeto's Dungeon is that Dohati's Castle is built on top of water and the Mist Generator is at the highest point of the structure, whereas Zeto's Dungeon is entirely underground like a bomb shelter and the Mist Generator is located at the lowest point within the Castle.