Divine Bolt
神雷, かみかずち
Divine Bolt 3
Basic Info
User(s) Galvan
Art Class Normal Art
Variable Type {{{v type}}}
Art Blocks 4
AP Cost 40 AP
AP Gain {{{ap gain}}}
MP Cost {{{mp cost}}}
Hits 3
Effect {{{effect}}}
Commands ↑ ↓ ↓ →
Target(s) {{{target}}}

Divine Bolt (神雷, かみかずち, Kamikazuchi, lit. "God Thunder") is a Hyper Art used by Lang.


Lang is able to use the Divine Bolt technique after he has it taught to him by Kazan in a story event within Hunter's Wood. In performing this technique, Lang jams his sword into his opponent after charging energy into it, creating a bright explosion. Then, after plunging the sword into the enemy a few times, Lang jumps into the air as he pulls it upwards through his opponent before landing on the ground again.

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