I really wanted to enter the Dancing Queen Contest, but... Disco King told me I was a lousy dancer.
Disco King
アフロキング, Afuro Kingu (Afro King)
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Occupation Professional dancer
Hometown Sol Tower
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Disco King (アフロキング, Afuro Kingu, lit. "Afro King") is a minor character in Legend of Legaia. He is the King of Disco and also the tutorial teacher of the Fever Disco dance contest.


Sporting a huge brown afro, black shades, white pimp suit, and pornstar mustache, the Disco King has one of the most unique appearances in the world of Legaia. He carries a microphone in each hand and wears platform dance shoes in the typical disco-era style.


Disco King loves dance and will always be found dancing center stage in the Fever Disco of Sol Tower. He is very willing to teach others how to dance, but is brutally honest when it comes to criticism. Though he loves to dance and party, Disco King reveals that he enjoys the peace of the countryside.


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Legend of LegaiaEdit

"I came all the way from Sol to see Noa dance again... The greatest dancing queen ever! Such an instinct for dancing! Such shining talent! And you tell me Noa is already gone?! Oh, how lamentable! Oh, the despair! But after living in the big city for so long, I find this simple village refreshing! So I've decided to start a new life here! I'll teach the villagers all the hottest dances!"
—Disco King to Vahn

The Disco King is always found dancing his shoes off in Sol Fever Disco. Noa can speak to him to get dance lessons in preparation for the dance contest. If Noa scores high enough he will give her the Speed Chain, enabling the wearer to always get the first turn in battle. If Noa defeats Mary in the dance contest, Disco King will appear in Rim Elm at the end of the adventure, wondering where Noa has gone off to. He reveals then that he is tired of the city life and may just settle down for a while in Rim Elm.


  • Disco King is called "Afro King" in the JP release of Legend of Legaia.