Dead End Crisis
デッドエンドクライシス, Deddo Endo Kuraishisu
Dec 4
Basic Info
User(s) Koru
Element None
Effect Annihilation
Target All

Dead End Crisis (デッドエンドクライシス, Deddo Endo Kuraishisu) is a self-destruct technique performed by Koru.


At the beginning of Koru's 5th turn it will perform Dead End Crisis, resulting in the instant death of everyone on the field. To perform this attack, Koru pulls its head into its body and opens the front half of its torso, revealing the inside of its body. Then, Koru charges the thermal heat stored in its body and releases it in a massive explosion that destroys everything.


  • In terms of gameplay, Dead End Crisis is the most powerful attack in Legend of Legaia as it is an automatic instant annihilation of everyone
  • Dead End Crisis does 9,999 damage to everyone on the field
  • A character equipped with a Lost Grail will not be revived if hit with Dead End Crisis
  • Dead End Crisis is powerful enough to destroy more than half of Karisto Kingdom in terms of story.
  • If the player utilizes a GameShark to give the heroes more than the maximum amount of health possible (i.e. more than 9999) when this attack is used, Koru's attack does the 9999 damage and the number of turns before self-destruction resets back to 255

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