Dark Eclipse
ダーク・エクリプス, Dāku Ekuripusu
Dark eclipse 16
Element None
MP Cost 255
Target(s) All
Lv. 3 Effect Lv. 5 Effect
Damage Damage
Lv. 7 Effect Lv. 9 Effect
Damage Damage

Dark Eclipse (ダーク・エクリプス, Dāku Ekuripusu) is a summon spell in Legend of Legaia. It is used by the evil Sim-Seru, Juggernaut.


At the beginning of Dark Eclipse, the entire area turns pitch black and a strange red glyph appears underneath the enemies on the field. From out of the glyph a gigantic claw slashes through the enemies before disappearing. Then, the same glyph disappears and reappears over the enemies, where a gigantic foot forces its way through and crushes them below. After this, the glyph disappears and then reappears in front of the enemies on the field.

After a few moments of silence, the head of the fearsome Juggernaut tears through the glyph with a monstrous roar. Juggernaut then charges up its energy and releases it in a mighty blast that hits everyone on the field.


  • In order to use this ability, all party members must reach Lv99(!) and return to Ratayu to speak to Lord Saryu. He will give away the Evil Seru Key, which leads to the previously guarded basement where Van Saryu was fought. The Evil Talisman will be found in a chest in front of the incubator that was growing Juggernaut.
  • It is possible to use a glitch to get the Evil Seru Magic. By lining up with the yellow carpet by the left guard and then walking straight upward until one can run no more, then by running diagonally at the door while hitting the confirm button, one can end up selecting the door instead of the guard, allowing one to get the Evil Talisman as quickly as one frees Saryu.
  • This is the same spell Cort uses during his first battle. However, Cort's spell is of the Dark element whereas Dark Eclipse has no element.