View of past conkram

Conkram's courtyard

Conkram (コンクラム(過去), Konkuramu [kako]) is a location in Legend of Legaia. In the past, Conkram was a remarkably wealthy and beautiful city led by the royal family and its advisors. King Nebular and Queen Minea ruled happily with their handsome and popular son Cort as heir to the throne. At one point in time during King Nebular's reign, war broke out between Conkram and Sol for unknown reasons.


War betweem Conkram and Sol lasted for many years. However, as time went by Sol was slowly but surely gaining ground against Conkram due to Sol's new Seru from Uru Mais and their unstoppable warrior, Gaza. In order to turn the tables against Sol and ensure a quick victory in war, Prince Cort announced the creation of a powerful weapon called the Mist.

The Mist was intended to increase the strength of a Seru-wearing soldier many fold. Unfortunately, during the demonstration of the weapon, the machine transporting the Mist from the underground laboratory carried too much Mist Elixer at once and destroyed the primitive Mist Generator in the laboratory, causing Mist to envelop the entire city.

All looked lost until three mysterious teenagers wearing Ra-Seru entered the Mist Generator in the laboratory and traveled to Rogue's Tower, the source of the Mist pouring into Conkram and the evil Ra-Seru that were banished by Tieg long ago. After defeating the evil Rogue and its cohorts they traveled back to Conkram to see that everything returned to normal. Unfortunately for them they did not see the new Seru on top of the pillar in the middle of the royal palace. Queen Minea gave birth to Noa shortly after this event.

Due to the constant heavy stream of Mist from the Absolute Fortress to the north of Conkram, the Seru left behind grew in an unstable manner and enveloped the city along with all of its inhabitants, fusing them with its innards.

In past Conkram it is revealed that Noa's brother Cort was responsible for the spread of the Mist once more after Conkram was saved. Unfortunately the king and queen did not expect that their entire cabinet would conspire with Cort against them to bring the Mist into the world.


Conkram of the past consists of a large royal palace and a town square with many different shops.

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