分身, ブンシン, ぶんしん Bunshin
Jette clones
Basic Info
User(s) Jette
Element None
Effect Creates a double of Jette
Target Self

Clone (分身, ブンシン, ぶんしん, Bunshin) is a technique performed by Jette.


Jette uses the clone ability without warning. In performing this technique, Jette shakes rapidly until a clone splits from his body (although he appears to clone himself instantly out of gameplay).

The clone is used mostly for diversionary purposes and is much weaker and less durable than Jette's original body; with around 2,500 HP and causing merely 5 to 15 damage on attacks.


  • Jette's Clone technique is very similar to the Divide technique used by the Slime beasts.
  • Jette can use the Clone technique more than once in battle, and can even create multiple clones if the other is not killed.
  • The kanji for Clone (分身) is broken down as follows:
    • 分 (ブン) - "bun". Meaning: split, divide, separate.
    • 身 (シン) - "shin". Meaning: the body, the person, the self.

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