Che Delilas
チェ・デリラ, Che Derira (Ce Derilla)
Che delilas front
Elemental affinities
Fire element button Wind element button Light element button Thunder element button
- Weak - -
Water element button Earth element button Dark element button None
- Strong - -
12,000 500 220
284 249 100
105 100
11,250 7,500
Location Nivora Ravine
Steal Wisdom Water (30% chance)
Item Drop Thunder Book III (100% chance)
Abilities 3-hit physical combo
Megaton Press
Immune to Annihilation, Confusion

Che Delilas (チェ・デリラ, Che Derira) is a boss in Legend of Legaia. He is the first out of four consecutive boss fights in Nivora Ravine, and the first member of the Delilas Family that is challenged.

Che Delilas and his siblings, Gi and Lu, ambush the Ra-Seru heroes within Koru's chamber in Nivora Ravine as they prepare to set off the TimeSpace Bombs to blow him up. Keeping with the Delilas Family tradition, the siblings challenge the heroes one-on-one. After Gi and Lu fly over toward Vahn and Noa respectively, Che goes after Gala and taunts him by striking his hammer on the ground. Gi and Lu watch the battle between Gala and Che from the sidelines.


Fp megaton

This is why Che is an ***.

Che Delilas attacks in a set pattern like his siblings (attack, attack, special attack). Che's regular 3-hit physical combo can do over 500 damage if all hits connect, and his Megaton Press can do a whopping 1,600+ damage on an un-Spirited Gala. It is important to always use Spirit in preparation for the special attack, as it reduces the damage to 350+.

Che Delilas is unquestionably the most difficult of the Delilas trio. He has the largest amount of HP, has a habit of blocking entire combos far more than his siblings, and definitely hits the hardest. There are two ways to go about fighting Che - the magic route and the physical route.

The physical route is more difficult, but if chosen it is recommended to equip Gala with the Life Grail, Defender Chain, and Target Chain. The Life Grail will be needed to recover 200HP per round as Gala needs the regular healing more than Vahn and Noa do in their battles. The Defender Chain will block more of Che's hard-hitting physical attacks as well. The Target Chain is recommended because without it Che will often block more than half or even the entire arts combo from Gala, resulting in a wasted turn. With this set up, just remember to always Spirit during Gala's third turn and heal when HP gets yellow.

The magic route should only be taken if Gala has Kemaro at a high level or Aluru absorbed, in addition to having magic restoring items. If so, then equip Gala with the Spirit Jewel and Magic Grail and repeatedly cast the most powerful Seru spells. A Defender Chain is also a good idea to equip on Gala to block some extra hits.

NOTE: Some like to equip Gala with the Warrior Icon in order to possibly counterrattack Che, but this is usually a bad idea as Che will be allowed to get in an extra combo immediately after his Megaton Press before Gala's turn, making healing much more difficult.


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