Chaos Breath
カオスブレス, Kaosu Buresu
Chaos breath 3
Basic Info
User(s) Dohati
Element Dark element button
Effect Damage, Venom, Toxic
Target All

Chaos Breath (カオスブレス, Kaosu Buresu) is a technique used by Dohati.


Dohati uses the Chaos Breath technique at the very start of battle, which can inflict Toxic and/or Venom on all his opponents on the field. Dohati will use the Chaos Breath technique after a set number of damage is inflicted upon him. Each time Dohati is hit his belly expands and makes him slightly larger in size. Once he is about twice is normal size after enough damage is inflicted on him, he will breathe the noxious pink gas for heavy damage to everybody.

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