Book of Prophecy
Location Octam (Rem Shrine)

The Book of Prophecy is separated into four volumes, one placed on each pedestal within the Rem Shrine. The book must be read in order to reveal the hidden location of the elevator leading to Octam Underground.

Book of Prophecy: Volume 1Edit

To those who walk in the Mist: This is the First Prophecy. Read it well. Be warned! Take heed! The Mist is Death in disguise! The Mist is a cradle of madness! History warns us: The Mist stops time. The Mist brings chaos. When the evil Mist appears from the west horizon, leave everything and run for your lives! The god Rem awaits you all, in the hot depths of the earth. Until the heroes of Ra-Seru defeat the Mist...

Book of Prophecy: Volume 2Edit

To those who walk in the Mist: This is the Second Prophecy. Read it well. When reality turns into a nightmare and when nightmares bring despair, the god Rem is the last hope. Rem leads humans to the depths of the Earth, and in his bosom destroys the Mist nightmare. But hear this, heroes of Ra-Seru, those who walk through the Mist! Thou must show a sign of being the heroes of Ra-Seru! The path to Rem's bosom is ever steep and hidden in darkness. Gather at the Gate of Shadows! The path to Rem's bosom can be found only there.

Book of Prophecy: Volume 3Edit

To those who walk in the Mist: This is the Third Prophecy. Read it well. The path to Rem's bosom is at the Gate of Shadows. However, the mouth of the Gate of Shadows is shut. The Gate of Shadows is a stone flower. Only words carved on the Four Faces make the flower bloom. Speak to the Four Faces. Find the words engraved in the Face and engrave them in thine hearts.

Book of Prophecy: Volume 4Edit

To those who walk in the Mist: This is the Fourth Prophecy. Read it well. The Gate of Shadows is a stone flower. The words of the Four Faces will cause a great flower to bloom. However, for the true Gate born in the flower, seek out the Key. That Key is the Star Pearl, a silent treasure that slumbers deep under the Palace of Rem. The Star Pearl will open the true Gate. Heroes, pass and take the ancient path to Rem's bosom.

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