Blue Moon Buster
蒼月破, そうげつは Sougetsuha
Basic Info
User(s) Galvan
Art Class Normal Art
Variable Type {{{v type}}}
Art Blocks 3
AP Cost 16 AP Increase
AP Gain {{{ap gain}}}
MP Cost {{{mp cost}}}
Hits 3
Effect {{{effect}}}
Commands → ↓ →
Target(s) {{{target}}}

Blue Moon Buster (蒼月破, そうげつは, Sougetsuha, lit. "Blue Moon Strike") is an Art used by Galvan and Lang.


Lang is able to use the Blue Moon Buster technique once he has 3 Art blocks available. It is the first technique he learns and is taught to him automatically in battle by Galvan. In performing this technique, Lang crouches to the ground and spins his torso clockwise, slashing his enemy as he does so.

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