Blazing Smash
烈火爆砕, れっかばくさい
Rekka Bakusai
Blazing smash 17
Summoner Lang
Element Fire element button
Lv Obtained 44
MP Cost 150
Hits 5
Target(s) Single
Effect {{{effect}}}
"A focused flame-blast scorches one enemy"
—Summon Description

Blazing Smash (烈火爆砕, れっかばくさい, Rekka Bakusai, lit. "Raging Fire Blast") is a summon spell in Legaia 2: Duel Saga. It is used by the Fire Origin, Galea.


At the start of the summon, Galea rises into the air and surrounds himself in a purple orb of energy. He then strikes the air four times, shooting out a ray of fire toward his target each time. Galea then pulls his right arm back and charges his energy before unleashing a ray of fire much bigger than the previous ones.

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