Blazing Slash
紅蓮昇炎斬, グレンショウエンザン Guren Shouenzan
Bs 9
Basic Info
User(s) Gi Delilas
Element Fire element button
Effect Damage
Target Single

Blazing Slash (紅蓮昇炎斬, グレンショウエンザン, Guren Shouenzan, lit. "Crimson Fire Blade") is a technique used by Gi Delilas.


Gi Delilas uses his signature technique Blazing Slash every third attack. In performing this technique, Gi readies his blade as he charges up his energy before slashing his knife vertically through his opponent and setting him ablaze. As his opponent flies through the air from the recoil, Gi quickly slashes his opponent's vitals three times before he can hit the ground. Finally, Gi jumps in the air and slams his blade through his opponent's stomach before turning around and posing as his oppent is covered in flame for a final time.


  • The Kanji for Blazing Slash (紅蓮昇炎斬) is broken down as follows:
    • 紅 (ク) - "gu". Meaning: deep red or crimson.
    • 蓮 (レン) - "ren". Meaning: lotus flower.
    • 昇 (ショウ) - "shou". Meaning: updraft or upward current.
    • 炎 (エン) - "en". Meaning: to go up in flames, aflame, or ablaze.
    • 斬 (ザン) - "zan". Meaning: decapitate or behead.
  • A different Japanese character appears each of the three times Gi slashes through his enemy in the middle of the Blazing Slash attack. These characters are:
    • 滅 (メツ) - "metsu". Meaning: ruin, destroy, overthrow, crumble, fall, die out, become extinct, or perish.
    • 砕 (サイ) - "sai". Meaning: break, smash, crush, shatter, pound, or pulverize.
    • 粉 (フン) - "fun". Meaning: dust or powder.

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