Queen Bee, Killer Bee x 3
クイーンビー, キラービー Kuīnbī, Kirābī
Bees boss front
Elemental affinities
Fire element button Wind element button Light element button Thunder element button
- - - -
Water element button Earth element button Dark element button None
- - - -
288 (x3); 888 288 (x3); 888 188 (x3); 288
88 (x3); 188 88 (x3); 188 {{{INT}}}
188 ea. {{{AGL}}}
None None
Location Rim Elm
Steal None
Item Drop Honey (Given after battle)
Abilities 2-hit physical combo
Poisonous Sting
Immune to None

The Bees, consisting of a Queen Bee (クイーンビー, kuīnbī) and three Killer Bees (キラービー, kirābī) serve as optional bosses in Legend of Legaia.

After Vahn leaves Rim Elm, the Queen Bee and her Killer Bees take refuge in an old tree in the village. If Vahn returns and disturbs the tree, the bees will attack.


The Bees can be fought early on in the game and it's recommended to have your party at level 10 and have Noa and Gala in your party. The battle starts off with your character(s) being ambushed. The Killer Bees can do 100+ damage with their Poisonous Sting ability and cause the Venom status, and the Queen Bee will usually do 170+ damage with the same technique. In addition, they can all do 100+ damage with their physical combos and they are very fast.

Any accessories that block the Venom status is recommended. Seru cannot be summoned in this battle so healing spells cannot be used to get rid of status effects. Any accessories that boost ATK are recommended for this fight in order to kill individual bees faster and lessen the bee group's total damage output each turn.

The Queen Bee should be taken out right away by having all three party members target it with Hyper Arts. The Queen Bee should survive the first attack, but the second character should kill it. Gala will focus his Hyper Art attack on one of the Killer Bees if Vahn or Noa has taken out the Queen Bee, but his Hyper Art should kill it in one turn. After those two bees are down, Spirit the next turn with everybody. The following turn, use Hyper Arts again to take out the remaining two Killer Bees.


  • If Vahn gives the Honey to Nene, she will take it in order to make a cake, and nothing will be earned. The bees can be fought again after this.
    • The bees can be fought repeatedly as long as Vahn gives the Honey to Nene each time he receives it.
  • Using the Honey acts as a Miracle Water in that it increases all stats +4, however after using it the bees cannot be fought again.
    • The Honey can be sold for 5000G. If the player sells it, they cannot fight the bees again.
  • The bees can only be fought before destroying the Mist Generator in the Absolute Fortress. After this point, the bees are not in the tree, and cannot be fought.


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