We can have nothing to do with the outside world. That is our law. From our perspective, the outside world is full of heathens. Getting involved would make us impure as well.
Personal Information
Age 23
Height 8'8 (264cm)
Weight 285kg (627 lbs)
Occupation {{{occupation}}}
Hometown Jinga, Hill of Giants
Origin None
Weapon Giant Axe/Hammer
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Battle Information
Element None
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Weaknesses {{{weaknesses}}}
Total Arts 14
Voice Actor
Japanese VA Unshō Ishizuka
English VA

Ayne, also known as Silent Eagle, is a playable character in Legaia 2: Duel Saga, and is the last character to join the party. He is a humongous man standing at 8'8" tall from the Hill of Giants, Jinga. Ayne only reluctantly joins the party on their voyage to Drokonia after Chief West Wind requests him to.


Ayne was born in Jinga, Hill of Giants, and became the strongest and noblest of his tribe. Ayne's true name is Silent Eagle, but due to his displeasure at being called by his original name by outsiders he let Lang choose a different name for him, which was Ayne.


Ayne is ordered to join Lang and his crew by his tribe's leader, Chief West Wind. Ayne protests due to contact with outsiders being against tribal law, but Chief West Wind, who recognizes that the world is approaching its end, tells Ayne that the law applies only to the living, and if the world is destroyed that law would be useless. Ayne reluctantly agrees to join the party.

Ayne plays a minor role compared to the other members of Lang's party, but without him the journey could not be completed as his large size and strength is needed to move obstacles that the others cannot. He also recognizes where to find the Aerolith , and takes everyone back to Jinga so they can speak with Chief West Wind, who tells them that the Aerolith can be found in Ellsworth .


Ayne prefers to speak only when necessary and does not like to interact with others outside his tribe. He believes that contact with the outside world would make him unclean as the outside world is filled with heathens. Due to his isolation in Jinga, he is very ignorant about the rest of the world and most things seem to spark his curiosity. He has a very strict code of honor and is a real stiff when it comes to having fun.


Ayne has a large tribal tattoo on his chest, but is not a Mystic like the others, though Sharon believes that it's a true mark of a Mystic and Ayne is just reluctant to share. Because Ayne is not a Mystic he cannot summon an Origin and therefore cannot use a Mystic Art. Instead, he calls upon the spirits of the earth to grant special status effects to himself during battle, either raising ATK/DEF/MEN or increasing an art block temporarily to granting total immunity from status ailments for a set number of rounds. Ayne hits very hard, but is slow as molasses and will almost always attack last in battle.

Ayne's slow speed also gives him low agility and he has the least amount of Art Blocks as well as the least amount of learnable Arts.

Normal Arts

ULR Disaster Master

RUD Earthrazor

LDU Whirlwind Attack

DRL Shockforce

URDL Tidal Wave

RLUD Full Impact

Super Arts

DRR Solid Blow

LLU Galeforce

Hyper Arts

LDD Firestorm (levels to Raging Warrior)

RULU Raging Warrior

DRD Power Blade (levels to Axe Crush)

ULDLR Axe Crush

Variable Arts

UDLLRR Armageddon Star (A)

LLRRDU Soaring Axe (B)


Level Ability MP Cost Status Effect

Default Gaia Spirit 40 Raises DEF

48 Firebeast Spirit 46 Raises ATK

50 Wind God Spirit 54 +1 Art Block

52 Thunder Spirit 62 Raises MEN

54 Holy Tree Spirit 78 Immunity to status ailments

57 Victory Spirit 85 Raises most stats


  • Ayne has a spouse who is pregnant with child. This is revealed through a missable cutscene.