Astral sword3

The Astral Sword (星撞斬牙刀, Seidou Zangatou, lit. "Star-Piercing Fang-Cutting Sword") is an equippable weapon in Legend of Legaia. It is a weapon that is exclusive to Vahn and is earned through a story event.

The Astral Sword was the weapon of choice for the Solian warrior Gaza and it is said that it is made from the bodies of dead Seru.


The Astral Sword is taken by Vahn after defeating Gaza within the Warrior's Square at Sol Tower. It cannot be sold to any arms dealers. The Astral Sword adds a total of ATK +97. Unfortunately, despite its massive attack power it is not practical to use under normal circumstances due to it making the arms art block take up twice as much space as Vahn's other weapons. Additionally, due to its large bulk Vahn swings it rather slowly and its strikes are often blocked by enemies.

The only way to bypass the flaws of the Astral Sword is to equip the Evil Medallion on Vahn to put him in the rage status. Vahn will execute a series of random arts with no consideration for art block spaces and will perform them in rapid succession. However, earning the Evil Medallion requires defeating the optional boss Lapis, a task that is too daunting for most people at the point in the game that the Astral Sword is earned.


  • The Astral Sword is the only weapon that is required to beat the game as all others are optional.


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