The Ancient Path (古代回廊, Kodai Kairou, alt. "The Ancient Gateway") is a location in Legend of Legaia. It is a hidden path that connects from the Gate of Shadows to Octam (Underground). The path is found by opening the Stone Flower within the Shadow Gate. It serves as the connecting point between the Gate of Shadows and the caverns under Octam. Ruins that are thousands of years old are found within the caverns of Octam, and it is presumed that the people who thrived in this ancient civilization built the secret pathway.


Vahn, Noa and Gala travel through the Ancient Path on their way to Octam (Underground) by opening up the Stone Flower in the middle of the Gate of Shadows and throwing the Star Pearl into a strange liquid that expands and pulls them into the area. Within the Ancient Path they find multiple winding pathways and levitating floors. The pathway is filled with many beasts and Seru that are much stronger than ones they have faced previously as the Mist has found its way through the pathway from openings in the earth above. Upon reaching the end of the path they find the citizens of Octam (Underground).

It is not necessary to return to the Ancient Path after this, though it can be accessed at will.


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