Airborne Fury
烈火閃空斬, れっかせんくうざん
Rekka Senkuuzan
Airborne fury 8
Basic Info
User(s) Lang
Art Class Variable Art
Variable Type Finisher
Art Blocks 6
AP Cost 80
AP Gain {{{ap gain}}}
MP Cost {{{mp cost}}}
Hits 2
Effect {{{effect}}}
Commands ↓ ← ↑ → ↓ ←
Target(s) {{{target}}}

Airborne Fury (烈火閃空斬, れっかせんくうざん, Rekka Senkuuzan, lit. "Violent Fire Flashing Air Cut") is a Variable Art used by Lang. It is his second Variable Art, the first being Solid Strike.


Lang is able to use the Airborne Fury attack once he has activated a mandatory story battle in The Forest Mazeand has at least 6 Art blocks available. In performing this attack, Lang slides into his enemy and jumps in the air right in front of them, slashing his sword vertically upward through the enemy's body as he does so. Then, Lang begins his descent through the air and slashes his sword through his enemy while landing, creating a fiery explosion.

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